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Welcome To BlackJack Tire Repair

BlackJack has built a reputation and customer base second to no one in the tire repair industry. We manufacture or have manufactured to our specifications a complete line of tire repair supplies, wheel weights, and tire repair tools. Our goal is to produce the best tire repair products possible. When it comes to tire repair we feel if we are faced with a choice of quality over price we will choose quality. However we are pleased to find that we can provide quality and affordability at the same time. We are able to do this because we are both a manufacturing and marketing company with very low corporate overhead.

Featured products


Digital Tire Gauge w/ Key Ring (5-115 PSI ± 1psi)
( Blister Card (1) )


Digital Tire Gauge (5-115 PSI ± 1psi)
( Digital Tire Gauge (5-115 PSI ± 1psi) )


Round Digital Tire Gauge (5-115 PSI ± 1psi)
( Round Digital Tire Gauge (5-115 PSI ± 1psi) )