About Us

Leader in Tire Repair since 1976

BlackJack has built a reputation and customer base second to no one in the tire repair industry. We manufacture or have manufactured to our specifications a complete line of tire repair supplies, wheel weights, and tire repair tools. Our goal is to produce the best tire repair products possible. When it comes to tire repair we feel if we are faced with a choice of quality over price we will choose quality. However we are pleased to find that we can provide quality and affordability at the same time. We are able to do this because we are both a manufacturing and marketing company with very low corporate overhead.

Highest-Grade Materials: BlackJack offers a complete line of tire repair products and supplies. As an example many companies supply valve stems that use an inferior rubber that will crack when exposed to air, ozone, and UV rays. All of our valve stems, hoses, and all rubber products are manufactured with the best EPDM rubber. This is a tougher synthetic rubber and has a much broader temperature range than natural rubber, and remains flexible in the coldest weather. It also resists ozone and chemical attack that deteriorates natural rubber.

Product Line: We specialize in tire repair products and we attempt to have everything needed to accommodate your every need. Here is some information about some of the major categories.

We have a complete line of tire valves and specialty hard to find applications. These valves are manufactured to TRA specifications using the best raw materials possible.

Our gauges and air chucks are manufactured with every detail being considered to manufacturer the best quality. This includes etched-in numbers on the slide rule of gauges and chucks with an internal angle-lock to hold the chuck on the valve stem while inflating the tire. BlackJack also has developed a complete line of tire repair patches for both bias and radial tires. Our tire repairs are manufactured using top quality materials. We have Euro style foil backed repairs similar to Rema and also a complete line of vinyl backed repairs similar to the Tech and Myers style Repairs.

We have a packaging system that makes it easer to manage your inventory. We also have a full line of patch-plug combination units. Some shops like to use wrapped, some dipped and some use the quill type. Our tire repair plugging kits include high-quality and professional grade tools and permanent repairs. The kits come fully equipped with everything needed to repair the tire without removing it from the rim. These kits are also very useful on the service truck or repairing the ATV tires. This can also be used in conjunction with and inside patch to seal the injury to the tire. Our wheel weights come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit most factory-alloy and steel wheels. We now have a complete line of lead-free weights to be environmentally friendly.

Our tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electric system designed to continually monitor tire pressure. Our kits provide you with the contents to reseal your TPMS. We offer this kit along with an assortment of sensors to meet a variety of vehicles.

BlackJack’s Mission:┬áProvide our distributors and customers with excellent products that are professional-grade and guaranteed. We tailor our products to meet all DOT standards. BlackJack is committed to a quality way of doing business through our stocking procedures, marketing aids, custom-inventory and Inventory Management System. For more information please call us at 816-872-1158.